A large retail customer recently took a renewed look at their appliance business as an avenue to help boost results in today’s challenging environment for multichannel retailers. A key part of their mindset in revitalizing the business was to do so in a way to both maximize results as well as ensure that they could track the impact of each program they implemented in support of the business.

Business Opportunity

Our customer realized that exposing the thousands of available rebates from utilities and energy service providers during the shopping experience would be nothing but beneficial to their appliance sales. Even better would be to provide an integrated interface that would also include manufacturer and store offers all in one place. They felt confident that this integrated awareness of and access to offers would have measurable impact on their topline results.


Our retail client implemented the EcoRebates’ Rebate Finder tools on both the product pages of their retail site as well as in a Rebate Center, supporting online shoppers focused on browsing products with offers at the forefront of their shopping process. The tools were easy to implement and support by their merchandising team. In addition to the display elements of the solution, our customer also decided to implement our tracking pixel in their shopping cart to directly measure the impact of rebates and offers on the revenue of their appliance business.


As expected, the EcoRebates’ tools had a measurable impact on sales right from their roll-out. What was unexpected was the magnitude of the positive impact – our client has measured sales lift of XX% each month based on customers’ integrated, instant access to offers and deals. That increase goes straight to the bottom line, adding $YY to the profitability of our client’s appliance business.