Rebates & Offers Database

The foundation of EcoRebates’ Solution is its industry-leading product offer database.  This dynamic dataset includes rebates and incentives from utilities, state and local governments, and federal programs as well as retailer- and brand-sponsored promotions. We include rebates for residential, multi-family, commercial and other programs offered by U.S. utilities.

Our team maintains a laser focus on identifying available rebate offers, quantifying program requirements and delivering a simple and compelling consumer experience. Utility program managers can always contact us directly to provide rebate program details.


Rebate Matching Engine 

Our Rebate Matching Engine seamlessly delivers rebate-eligible product messaging directly to customers.

Product database

We ingest, normalize and augment each clients’ product data across dozens of product categories (Major Appliances, HVAC equipment, Water Heating/Plumbing equipment, Smart Home products, etc.)  We build out metadata on product specifications, configurations, and attributes using industry leading sources like ENERGY STAR, WATERSENSE, AHRI and more.

Using machine learning, we enhance and scale our product recognition processes so every product is correctly characterized for accurate matching.

Beyond energy consuming products, our broad product data includes any category (Automotive, Software, Small Appliances, Mattresses, etc.) where a brand or retailer has product offers to present.

Matching algorithm

Across all deployment and more than 15 million times a day, our engine automatically matches shoppers with products qualifying for offers. We do this seamlessly with zero performance impact to our clients’ high-volume environments. Our solution is securely hosted in an elastic cloud computing environment with a high-availability and highly scalable configuration.

If a certain refrigerator qualifies for the ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENT standard or a ductless heat pump is newly certified by AHRI, we’ll have that in our data.


Flexible Presentation Tier 

To meet the omni-channel needs of brands and retailers, we provide a range of presentation options to help our customers intersect their customers with targeted offers at all points in the buying funnel. 

  • JavaScript widget: Pre-built, responsive-enabled UI that runs on top of our API. Easy to customize with configurable options. Enables customers to quickly deploy across web and mobile environments.

  • REST API: Enables customers to build and display offers in any chosen format or in any digital location such as product selection and quotation tools. Data also available as an XML feed.

  • Hosted Rebate Center: Stand-alone tool accessible via QR-code or URL. Bridges offline and online environments when used on signage or product literature.


Offer Fulfillment &
Instant Redemption

Offers are truly valuable to consumers when they are simple to understand and easy to redeem.

Our tools link directly to each utilities specific rebate fulfillment process, directing consumers through a simple, one-click action. Progressive utilities and program sponsors continue to simplify rebate fulfillment, further enhancing consumer engagement.

And with robust product validation and multi-method location awareness, our platform readily extends offer discovery into fulfillment. For retailers, brands, program sponsors and utilities interested in enhancing customer engagement, our platform provides flexible integration options that deliver a cost-effective, end-to-end product offer and fulfillment experience for customers.

  • EcoRebates Instant Offer engine makes rebate and offer savings instant for the customer. No forms to complete, no rules to print and understand, just immediate savings in the purchase process.

  • Our POS and Terminal Data Integration makes offer redemption automatic, if not instantaneous. Ensure customers that they don’t have to jump through hoops to receive the savings from applicable offers.


Reporting & Analytics

Underlying the EcoRebates’ platform is our analytics and reporting engine. Standard reporting delivers engagement analytics on the rebates and offers displayed. From clicks by end consumers, down to the specific product, it measures performance and highlights trends. Importantly, we measure how that engagement leads to a direct increase in sales conversion.

 With our Enhanced Analytics reporting package, we help our clients keep contractors, sales personnel, marketing teams, dealers, product teams and others up to date with offer data. This reporting package provides aggregated offer data that can inform activities from marketing campaigns to new product development to individual end customer sales.