With the economy doing well, major appliance sales are flourishing with sales growing and margins healthy. And one area in particular – online sales – are seeing double digit gains. In 2016, online sales segments of major appliances grew between 30-40% YOY. Those are the type of trends that get mentioned in earnings calls.  

As online sales continue to surge, retailers are focusing on efforts that deliver scalable enhancements to customer experience, especially for durable goods categories. Three themes emerge: Enhanced Services, Channel Consistency, and Targeted Promotions. 

Our retail partners have successfully used EcoRebates’ tools to meet these strategic objectives: 

  • Simplifying checkout for instant rebate offers 

  • Aligning store and online promotion messaging

  • Launching limited-time, targeted promotions for specific products in defined regions

Find out how we can help your organization sustain that double-digit sales growth as we have done for other clients.