Integrated Product / Offer Catalog

You provide a feed of your product catalog for matching with our rebates database. You can also provide your product offers to create a complete set of offers to your partners and customers, unique to your business.

Product-specific Offer Display

You have a range of options for presenting offers to your customers from our easy-to-implement JavaScript widget to REST API integration to full Promotional Batch Feed. You can enable offer displays at any point that impacts a product decision, whether in marketing materials, physical store displays, or online.

Offer Fulfillment

Rebate offers are fulfilled through each utility’s specific program with details (forms, policies) as specified in the rebate results.

Your offers can be automatically processed in a variety of ways from batch feeds to full POS integration.

We provide monthly reports at the summary and detailed level, quantifying rebate searches, average pricing of applicable products, rebate values, and more.