Hayward is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial pool equipment. The company is committed to energy efficiency, offering high performing ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps that give its customers equipment that not only performs well but also saves them money on their utility bills. 

Business Opportunity

Hundreds of utilities and energy service providers offer cash-back rebates to pool owners who purchase energy efficient pool equipment. With potential savings of up to $600, these offers are valuable purchase incentives, even more so when combined with additional seasonal savings offers. The team saw that providing the right incentives at the right time to both pool installers and pool owners would deliver meaningful engagement and sales growth.

It was important that we find a solution not only to track and manage these numerous offers, but also one that gave us a consistent and simple way to present them to our customers.
— Tammy Harris, Director of Digital Marketing


Hayward uses Rebate Finder tools, leveraging EcoRebates’ easy-to-deploy JS widgets, on both their consumer-oriented website as well their dedicated mobile application for servicers and installers. Configuring the tools within each environment enabled the Hayward marketing team to provide a consistent experience across channels. Homeowners browsing the website automatically see all relevant pool pump rebate details while installers preparing quotes simply pull in rebate information to show all potential savings. With EcoRebates, Hayward gains a single solution for all pool pump rebates and offers.


Implementing EcoRebates tools drives on-going significant efficiencies for Hayward as a one-stop solution for identifying, managing and publishing product specific savings offers. Having a single platform with combined offers that can be deployed in a variety of ways increases Hayward’s ability to seamlessly intersect pool owners with relevant and compelling offers, no matter where or how they are shopping.