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Looking to take advantage of the rebates and offers you’re viewing? Have some questions? We have answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

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Understanding the Rebate Pop-up

Here’s an example of the EcoRebates offer pop-up from the Lowe’s website. There is a lot of information contained here, so we thought it would be helpful to walk through the different offers, the meaning of various terms, and where and how to access additional information.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 9.45.57 AM.png

This pop-up displays a brand/store promotion that Lowe’s is offering on GE Appliances, a utility residential rebate for the purchase of this Energy Star-rated refrigerator from the utility for Chicago, ComEd, and a recycling rebate for return of a used appliance, also offered by ComEd. A buyer can take advantage of all 3 offers, which is why the total value of $1,600 is reflected in the top rebate button.

To understand each offer, how to qualify, and how to participate, we recommend you follow a series of steps in evaluating each offer, as follows. We’ll use the brand/store promotion to illustrate the process, since this is the most complex offer shown. 

Understanding Offers and the Redemption Process

The brand/store promotion offer is displayed in the first offer section of the pop-up, where you’ll see the title of the offer – “Lowes GE Café Appliance $500-$1,500 Rebate”. You also see the dates when the offer is valid, in this case starting on January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019; the last date when claims are accepted, January 30, 2020; and the length of time you have to submit your rebate claim, in this case, 30 days from the day you purchase your appliances. 

Next, we’ll proceed through a recommended set of steps, as indicated by the red numbers and arrows in the screenshot below to help you understand the offer requirements and how to receive your rebate.

Widget instructions.png

1.   Start by clicking on the link “More Details”. This expands the offer section, showing you the details of the offer. In this case, you see that just purchasing the refrigerator does not qualify you for the rebate. You must purchase 4 GE Café appliances in the same purchase (“on one receipt”) to qualify for $500 in savings. Then, if your purchase includes a ProRange or Wall Over/Cooktop combination, you qualify for an additional $500, and / or if you purchase a specified built-in refrigerator, you also qualify for an additional $500. The details of this $1,500 offer presented in this section of the pop-up help you to understand that you need to purchase multiple appliances to qualify.

2.   Next, we recommend that you click the “Get Form” button. This click opens a new window with the pdf mail-in rebate form from the Lowe’s rebate center. The form contains more details on which GE appliance models are eligible for the offer, and includes instructions for claiming your rebate, which can be done via the mail or online in the Lowe’s rebate center. The form also suggests speaking to a Lowe’s store associate for assistance with the qualifying appliance combinations.

3.   Finally, we recommend clicking the new page icon at the end of the offer title to access more details (#3 arrow in the graphic). This link typically refers you to the rebate center of the entity offering the rebate presenting more details on how to submit a rebate claim and other helpful information. In this case, you’re taken to the Lowe’s Rebate Center, which is where you can track the progress of your rebate claim and get additional information.

You can follow this same process with each offer shown in the rebate pop-up. The main difference in the pop-up from offer to offer is the text on the offer button. That text is adjusted dynamically depending on how the offer is structured. For mail-in rebates, the button typically says “Get Form”, as it does here for the brand/store promotion. When a rebate offer can be processed online, the button will say “Submit Online”, as it does for the ComEd rebate. And the “Schedule Pickup” button for the recycling rebate takes you directly to a series of screens where you can schedule the pickup of your old appliance. In some cases, the button will say “Learn More” and will take you to online instructions, rather than one form, for participating in the offer.

In every case, this button presents critical information about how to submit your rebate claim. The claim is then received by the organization sponsoring the rebate, e.g., the store, utility, state or federal government, or brand. EcoRebates is not involved in processing your rebate claim, so please make sure to follow the instructions accurately.

How does EcoRebates decide to show me these offers?

The EcoRebates tools show you all available offers that are relevant to you based on the products you’re viewing. The types of offers you may see are: 1) brand or store offers specific to the retailer where you are shopping; 2) utility-sponsored rebates available to you if you are a customer of that utility, you purchase the qualifying model, and you meet all other utility terms and conditions; and 3) other applicable offers such as tax credits, recycling deals, fuel switching offers, energy service plans, and more. We curate these offers to provide you with the most savings for the products you are purchasing.

Am I eligible for these rebates and offers?

Our tools determine eligibility in two ways: 1) We take the guess-work out of which products qualify for which offers. We only show products that meet the rebate or offer requirements, so you can know when you purchase that the item is a qualifying product. 2) For utility rebates, you must be a customer of that utility to qualify. We estimate that by identifying a ZIP code when you are browsing and displaying offers relevant to that utility’s ZIP code service area. [see zip code questions for more on identifying zip codes]. 

Why are there multiple offers?

Some ZIP codes have more than one utility that provides service to the area so there can be more than one utility rebate. This can happen for different reasons, but the important point is that utilities provide rebates to their customers. Knowing your utility will help you know which rebate offers you may be eligible for. 

How do I apply for the rebates shown?

Click on the button that reads “Get Form” or “Submit Online” or “More Info”. This will direct you to the utility or program sponsor’s submission method. 

  • If it is a claim form, download and print the form. Then complete the form and return it to the sponsor following the instructions on the form. 

  • If it is an online submission process, follow the instructions online. 

Typically you will need to have your utility account number, the model name and number of the item you purchased, and in some cases, a copy of the receipt and purchase date. 

Do I send EcoRebates my rebate claim form?

No. Each utility or brand who offers rebates has their own process for handling submissions and working with customers. We provide the details for each program but we do not handle the processing.

What is the status of my rebate?

We do not have this information. Every utility and program sponsor has different processes for rebate submissions. We recommend you email or call the contacts identified online or on the applicable rebate form you submitted.

How do I get more information on the rebate requirements?

The ‘More Details’ link [#1 in the Understanding Offers section above] provides some key requirements. By selecting the utility or program sponsor link [#3 above] you can find additional information. Our team has identified this link to provide you with important general information about the offer requirements. 

How the Ecorebates Engine Works: Zip Codes and Offers

Why does EcoRebates use my ZIP code?

Many of the available offers are from utilities. They provide rebate programs to their customers as a way to generate energy savings and operate more efficiently. Utilities provide services in specific geographic areas and one way to define those areas is through ZIP codes. We associate each ZIP code with the utility (or utilities) that provide service to that area.

How does EcoRebates determine my location or zip code?

In some cases, our partners (retailers or brands) share their site data with us so that we know your zip code from your online profile.

If we do not have access to your profile, EcoRebates estimates your zip code through geo-location mapping of your browser or IP address. 

Can I change my zip code if it’s incorrect?

Yes, just click on the zip code field in the widget and type in your correct zip code. The data in the widget will refresh based on your updated zip code.

Why is my zip code incorrect on the widget?

If you are accessing the internet through a company network, your connection may be established through a server that is not located in the same area where you live. We may be determining your location based on the server location of your corporate network. Or, if your IP address is not public and / or we cannot determine a ZIP code, we will set a default ZIP code instead.

What if I don’t see an offer I expect?

Contact us at and we will investigate. Our offer database is updated every day and rebates and offers are continually being reviewed for accuracy.

What if I don’t see the answer to my question?

Please contact us at, and we’ll make every effort to assist you.